About Us

To Style A Mockingbird will provide an exclusive platform to high-end customers who are selling unwanted or unused designer luxury fashion and lifestyle accessory items. The thing that really makes us stand out is that our clientele who are selling their items will also be made up of well-known clients, such as professional sportsmen, fashion models, recording artists and TV personalities.

These articles will be sourced, photographed and sold via a cutting edge website at prices substantially below the original market price

The exclusivity and exceptional service on offer will fit perfectly with the demands of buyers and sellers in this marketplace. We will provide a premium collection service that will allow our quality control to inspect the item to make sure it meets our stringent standards. Every item will be added to our inventory accompanied by a comprehensive description that will include all the key elements of the item’s condition and design features. The item will then be professionally photographed before being re-packaged and returned to the client at their convenience.

I am a highly motivated, conscientious, disciplined and determined individual, with over nine years experience working in a highly pressurised and mission driven environment. Proven ability to excel in team work, Known for my leadership qualities involving the organising and motivating of co-workers, as well as offering a top level individual performance, with an excellent track record of achieving the desired results.

I was a professional footballer for many years and when I retired I didn't have the same spare income to splash around, but still wanted to enjoy the finer things in life. I realised then, that it was time to shop smarter. I built this forum for other people like me, who want to shop both hard and smart.


A lot of the items for sale on the website, are from people in the footballing world who want to make sure their stuff goes to people who will really enjoy them. A proportion of the proceeds also go to the charity of their choice.