Our commission means we can provide exclusive services!

Here at To Style A Mockingbird, we carefully select items offered by the community: we pay particular attention to the relevance of the catalogue and to the user experience. We take our role as a trusted third party very seriously. For example: each item sold by the community is systematically checked in our workshops before being dispatched to its new owner. More details on our services:

For you, as a seller

  • A carefully selected and up-to-date catalogue
  • A quality environment for your item
  • High visibility for your items due to good editorial, merchandising and newsletters
  • Your photos are well-presented on a white background
  • We pay all delivery costs: completely FREE for you!
  • An environment you can trust
  • Guaranteed payment for the seller
  • Simple and fun ways to manage your sales to give you a quality user experience
  • Access to an international community of fashionistas
  • A dedicated Customer Service department

For your buyers

  • Each item is SYSTEMATICALLY meticulously checked to guarantee compliance and authenticity
  • Articles are carefully packaged
  • A quality user experience
  • A dedicated Customer Service department

Don't forget you have free and unlimited sale uploads, and your commission only applies once your item is sold! The margin depends on the selling price of your item


  • £15 (inc. tax) for prices under £40
  • 30% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £40 and £500
  • 25% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £500 and £850
  • 23% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £850 and £1700
  • 20% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £1700 and £2500
  • 18% (inc. tax) for prices ranging above £2500

For items offered for sale throughTo Style A Mockingbird Concierge Services, our commission is 35% of the selling price of each item.