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Cassie stood outside the door, still unsure as to whether or not she was doing the right thing. The night would go one of two ways: either she would walk into the party and successfully confront her arch enemy, or she would be utterly humiliated.

The Piano (1st Episode)

They had argued: they did that a lot. It was always over something petty, and it would always end up with both of them in bed. This time she had insulted his mother. She had never liked the old woman; she was sharp, untrusting and very protective of her son. And she was very resentful

The New Summer Beauty Hack You Need To Know About

We never thought we’d see the end of contouring but it seems the all-sculpting makeup trend has been temporarily trumped by a radiant summer alternative. It’s called strobing and it’s as dewy as they come. Move over matte, we’ve set our sights on something shimmery this season.